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Name Andrew Omnik
Date 2015-06-05 14:15:53

Goodbye, Maestro.

Name Ville
Date 2015-06-04 19:14:45

Rest in peace
Thank you for some of the best soundtracks out there. Great composer, huge loss.

Name Jordan Healey
Date 2015-06-04 14:26:55

RIP Kirill, good video game music

Name Peter Laucisus
Date 2015-06-04 13:14:21

He made the perfect music.

Name Dwelfusius
Date 2015-06-04 11:42:58

The Divinity universe will never be the same.A bright star has gone out.

From the moment I fist launched DD in 2003 I was hooked on you and your music.I had the opportunity to meet you once, and you musical openmindedness and vibrant personality were just wonderful.

I wish your loved ones and friends a lot of support.

You will be missed.May you compose some beatiful things out there in the cosmos

Name Robin
Date 2015-06-04 00:13:56

I salute you, Kirill. One of the best game composers of all time. You will be missed.

Name Yo
Date 2015-06-04 00:08:54

Thanks for what you've done dear friend.
There is one reason I enjoyed so much my experience through the Divinity series: the feelings I got hearing your music.
A gamer

Name Zep--
Date 2015-06-03 23:55:52


A true bro, loved your game and other music.


Name L'Homme de Gout
Date 2015-06-03 18:58:25

We will miss you.

Tu nous manqueras, mec.

Name Timothy Rivard
Date 2015-06-03 17:52:09

I fell in love with your music from the moment I began playing Divinity: Original Sin. It enchanted and inspired me, and I could listen to it for hours.

I am but one of many who mourn your passing and the loss of the music you will never write.

May you live on through your work, and inspire others as you have inspired me.

Name John
Date 2015-06-03 04:35:00

War and Peace will always remain an all time favourite.

Now you have the heavenly choir as your back up.

Rest well.

Name Severijn De Wilde
Date 2015-06-03 01:06:06

Rest in peace, Kirill.

You were a magnificent and very memorable composer. I think the original divine divinity was the only game in which I ever just sat at the main menu, just to listen to the main theme. The game was full of your great music, and I was pleased to see so much music come back in original sin, as well as see a lot of very nice new pieces. Divinity will not be the same without your touch; you will be missed.

Thanks for the good times.

Name Felix Schoeller
Date 2015-06-02 22:03:58

I fell in love with your music the very first time I started Divine Divinity. My most played soundtrack is "On the Brink of Defeat" and I listened to "lullabies for your inner dragon", "war and peace", "stones and trees" "the song of the wind" more than half a thousand times, and all of the other soundtracks too.
I was very happy when you answered a post I made on this page before. I was ecstatic when I heard you would make the music to Original Sin as well, which turned it from a "most likely purchase" into an "absolutely purchase".

Whenever I will play a new Divinity/Larian Game, I will listen to the music, and remember, and miss you.

Find Peace. Let your Inner Dragon Sleep.

My condolences to all of your friends and family, who knew you personally, and must suffer greatly.

I can say with certainty that I will never forget you.

Name Mike Latimer
Date 2015-05-15 02:31:59

Kirill, greeting comrade across the sea, just wanted to send my warmest wishes from Canada, with much great respect and admiration for your music, your craft, your art, our gift.
I am a new fan to your image/self(?) but I have been listening to your music, unknowingly, Div1 and Div 2, and then when Div OS came out I was made aware of who the fabulous writer behind all the music of the series was.
Anyways just wanted to Say 'Cheers' and thanks for all the enjoyment over the years.

Comment by keyreal

Thanks for your "cheerfull" message Mike and enjoy listening to my music as much i enjoyed composing.

Name Peter Grandahl
Date 2015-05-08 06:46:36

I really like the music you did for Divine Divinity. I would like to know who that soprano is with the beautiful voice. She has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard!

Name Tung Ngoc Thanh N...
Date 2015-04-15 06:59:31

From the first moment I played Divine Divinity and listened to its tracks back in early 2000s, I was immediately charmed by the soulful flow of expression Krill put into every note, every cadence, every rhythm and every melody. Krill has already converted my soul back then, and now I am proud to say I am yet another long-time fan of him, more than 10 years and counting. Hopefully someday, somehow, his music sheets are released so that I can be able to learn and carry on his spirit with me...

Comment by keyreal

Thank you for this cheerfull reaction. Kirill composes his music "on the fly". This is his method to put his emotions in the music. Following scores and structures would limit his expressivity. So there is no score available.
Regards from the webmaster.

Name Yoyo1er
Date 2015-02-21 00:32:03

Thank you for your music, Kirill, especially :

"Something is amiss"

"A perilous path"

"calling voices", which reminds me soundtrack of Fallout 2 video game. A nice gift for a fan of this game like me
"a new dawn"

Well, "something is amiss" is very special for me.

Yoyo1er, roi des Yoyos

Name Ville
Date 2015-01-10 09:42:05

I haven't progressed far into the game yet(Divinity: Original sin), so I haven't heard the whole score, but I just wanted to express how marvelous the songs "Original Sin" and "Memories of the Future" are!

So genuine and beautiful, and immediately sucked me into a world of fantasy and magic.

Comment by keyreal

Hi, thanks for your reply ! Really appreciated You can enjoy the whole soundtrack of original Sin on Youtube:
And of course in the download section of my website

Name Ames
Date 2014-12-31 23:49:58

Especially like your piano tracks, and a lot of your music for the Divinity games tend to be haunting affairs that stick in my brain long after I've finished listening. Thanks very much, you have very inspiring and invigorating work.

Name Jani Ukkonen
Date 2014-11-27 01:06:42

Hey Kirill!

I just want to say that I really like your Divinity: Original Sin soundtrack. Especially the more melancholic pieces like "Power of Innocence". Fun to play on piano too. Also memories of the future at 3:50 is damn great. When I was creating my character, I was like "Wow this music is damn good!" I love those piano arpeggios.

Looking forward to hearing more of your music in RPGs to come!

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